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New Off-Campus Housing Options
Tuesday August 30th, 2011 by Michael

As many students have been aware, there have been a lot of new housing options near the University of Southern California. Here is a quick overview of some of the new apartment complexes near the USC campus.

West 27th Place (Opening Summer 2011)

West 27th will be the newest complex opening this fall, equipped with a swimming pool, Hot Tub, Tanning Booth, and Fitness Center. (All the necessities of college life). They also offer a large variety of floor plans and amazing views. However one of the most desirable aspects of this new complex is the proximity to the row. Greek students no longer have to live in tiny little apartments to be close to their houses.

University Gateway (Open Fall 2010)

University Gateway was a combined vision of several entities in the USC area in collaboration with USC to bring an alternative student housing option near campus. University Gateway offers a great alternative to University housing. Their rent by bed leasing offers a similar experience as living on campus with finer amenities.

Mansion 3025 (Opening Fall 2011)

The Mansion 3025 is the second building built by the SC capital group near the USC Campus. Following the success of the Mansion1 the SC Capital group, (in accordance with their mission to provide the finest student housing complexes near USC) has once again redefined luxury with the introduction of their new property, Mansion3025. The Mansion 3025 has several different floor plan options from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 5 bedroom townhome, giving each unit the flexibility it needs.

Icon Plaza (Opening Fall 2012)

Icon Plaza is to be one of the newest apartment complexes at USC in the coming years. It is located directly across the street from the USC campus and in the same block as the USC Galen Center, giving this property one of the most sought after locations. The project broke ground in January and when finished will include 56 apartments, commercial spaces, with a pool and recreation center.