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LiveNearUSC Proud to Sponsor Food Truck Wars
Wednesday September 28th, 2011 by Chris

LiveNearUSC is proud to announce our sponsorship of this year's USC Food Truck Wars, an event benefitting Troy Camp. Food Truck Wars is hosted by the University of Southern California Interfraternity Council and raised over $1,600 last year for Downtown-based nonprofit organizations last year.

The event will take place this Thursday, September 29 from 4pm to 10pm, featuring the Macaroni and Cheese Factory, Uncle Lau's BBQ, the Buttermilk Truck, and the Lake Street Creamery among others. The trucks will be parked in front of various USC fraternity and sorority houses on the Greek Row.

Trucks will donate 10% of their profits to Troy Camp, the University of Southern California's oldest charity benefitting children.